2 months after the hairtransplantation

So its been 2 months since the “big day” and all is as expected with my hair. The donor area actually looks and feels the very same as before I had the procedure. I am also happy to say that the area where I have received grafts also appears as before I had the hair treatment. Of course the grafts are now in their dormant stage and I will just have to wait and be patient (not easy for me) before I see the end results.

Would you believe I have nearly forgotten the fact that I have even had a hair transplant, that could be a good sign as that tells you how little discomfort there has been for me. Also it say’s how quick the healing process has been too, it took about a month for all visible signs to disappear. Right from the 1st week I showered as normal and carefully washed my hair. None of my close friends are aware of the fact that I have had a hair transplant and no one has commented on how I look and I have not worn a baseball cap since 1 week after the procedure when out in public.

Basically I have tried to be very calm and relaxed about the whole thing and I have not stressed myself with checking for any “signs” in the mirror.
For those of you who do not know me I would describe myself as a very private person, especially with the subject of hair loss I would have been extremely guarded about this subject as it was way too sensitive for me to discuss.

Yet here I am baring all to total strangers and no one could be more shocked than me by my “totally out of character” behaviour. I have even divulged to some close friends about my “treatment” and they have all been very supportive.
If this makes sense, It actually helps to talk about it, well for me, especially is this made easy when I feel I have had the very best treatment available, I think its this knowing that has made me become quite vocal and given me such confidence.

Think about this as well, something good must have happened to me as I am now working along with the Ilterclinic having given up a steady job in order to do so. This has meant I have had to inform friends of my new role at the Ilterclinic. This also shows that what has happened to me has been so positive that it has given me the power to face what could be a very awkward situation. The desire is so strong in me to help others who may had similar experiences as I have had before I found the Ilterclinic that this has helped me overcome any embarrassment.

But one thing is certain, and I feel it’s important to stress, I approached Ilterclinic AFTER I received my hair transplant about the possibility of working for them,  I have received no extra special treatment, payment or discount from them for me writing “my story”, that was all my own doing and written totally from the heart, by me.

If you want to contact me with any questions or queries then please call me or email me as I am more than happy to help if I can.


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